Workers' Compensation


  • If you have been injured “on the job” (at work), you must file a report with your immediate supervisor, or with your employer’s human resource/personnel department so that they may file the appropriate claim paperwork to their Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier. Because our office offers “specialist services,” the appropriate authorization (which must be granted by the insurance carrier) must be obtained prior to your initial visit in our office.
  • In emergency cases, your employer is required by State of California Law, to provide you with emergency care. In the event that you require emergency “specialist services,” our office may provide services to you; however, your employer must contact our office to make these arrangements beforehand.
  • Please be advised that we CAN NOT see injured workers on a CASH basis! All claims must be appropriately reported to an insurance carrier, unless the employer is self-insured.
  • If your employer is “self-insured,” they may have the ability to expedite your referral to our office since they have more administrative control. Please see your employer for more information.


  • If you have an injured an employee, in accordance to State of California Law, you must file a formal workers’ compensation claim with your insurance carrier. Proper authorization is required for treatment in any medical facility, especially for providers that render specialty treatment. Authorization can not be obtained by providers until a claim has been established with the carrier. Therefore, the sooner you file a claim, the sooner we will be able to verify benefits with your workers’ compensation insurance carrier and provide treatment to your employee.
  • In the event of a significant emergency, your company may contact our office to make arrangements for us to see your employee during your injury-reporting period. For further inquiry regarding this, please review the Employer’s Promissory Note and contact our office as soon as possible.
  • If your company is self-insured (must be legally recognized by the State of California – Division of Workers’ Compensation), please have your company representative contact our office for patient processing.

Insurance Carriers

  • Please review our Authorization Form – Workers’ Comp and contact our office to process a patient. We appreciate your assistance in providing our office with the necessary information and authorizations that will enable us to expedite our services. Please be advised that we are unable to evaluate patients without the proper documentation and authorization.
  • Other form links: Forms for New Patients
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