Private Insurance (PPO, POS, HMO/IPA, Out of Network)


Please be informed that we are presently only contracted with the following plans:

  • Aetna PPO (and Medicare Advantage PPO/POS plans)
  • ASSURANT (Aetna)
  • BEN-E-LECT (Anthem Blue Cross)
  • Blue Cross PPO, Anthem (and Medicare Advantage plans)
  • Blue Shield PPO
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield PPO (Federal Employees)
  • California State University of Long Beach (Athletics Program)
  • Champ VA – Government Program
  • Cigna PPO
  • EBAM (Anthem Blue Cross)
  • Employers Health Panel
  • GEHA (Aetna)
  • ILWU (Blue Shield)
  • Los Angeles County Employee PPO plans
  • Medicare & Medicare Railroad
  • Orange County Employee PPO plans
  • OXFORD (United Healthcare)
  • OPERATING ENGINEERS (Anthem Blue Cross)
  • Seaside Health Plan – Memorial Care (with formal authorization)
  • UMR – UNITED MEDICAL RESOURCES (United Healthcare)
  • United Healthcare PPO


If we are not contracted with your plan, please know that you can still be seen on an “out of network” (non-contracted) Self-pay basis. In return for your upfront payment, our Office will provide you with the necessary paperwork and assistance to help you seek direct reimbursement from your plan if allowed (Note: Some limitations may apply). For more information, please contact us at (562) 424-9000.

At this time, we are not participating in any “Exchange Products” offered through Covered California. However, we can accommodate patients with this type of insurance coverage on aSelf-pay basis. For more information, please contact our Office at (562) 424-9000.


Did you know that your HMO/IPA plan is required to provide you with access to a Hand Specialist within a 50-mile radius from your home? Many times, HMO/IPA plans do not offer our specialty within their network, at least not on a timely basis. We can certainly see you on aSelf-pay basis so that we can provide you with written recommendations that you can submit to your plan. Many times, plans will authorize their members to be treated at our Center! For more information, please contact our Center at (562) 424-9000.

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