Facility/Diagnostic Services

The Hand & Wrist Center

Facility Amenities

Our Center incorporates amenities that maximize patient care and convenience. Our Center features “real-time” digital fluoroscopic imaging, as well as the use of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, which enables us to expedite recovery of critical patient data, recording of new information and instantly communicate this information to other healthcare professionals/entities involved in your care. Additionally, we offer our patients the ability to access their medical records via our Patient Portal.

We are also very proud of our comprehensive hand therapy and rehabilitation center, which features extensive services from simple therapeutic treatment to critical wound care, as well as fitting patients with pre-fabricated or custom-fitting splints.

When visiting our Center, visitors will also enjoy first-floor accessibility, guest wi-fi access and free parking in our lot.

Scope of Treatment

Our services include a personal, comprehensive examination by our Physicians, followed by instant digital (fluoroscopic) imaging (as necessary). After a diagnosis is established, all efforts are made to explain (in layman’s terms) the nature of the condition and treatment alternatives and recommendations.

As indicated, non-operative treatment and specialty therapy can be provided by our experienced Hand Therapists and staff in our rehabilitation center. When possible, selective minor procedures, requiring only local anesthesia, can be performed in our office. More extensive procedures (surgery), requiring intravenous or general anesthesia, are performed in either our affiliated, local surgical center, Surgery Center of Long Beach, or at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. 

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