About Our Staff

At The Hand & Wrist Center, we employ professional, knowledgeable, and courteous individuals. We invite you to click on the names listed below to see each staff members’ areas of responsibility and to obtain their contact information.

Clinical Staff

Billing Staff

Therapy Staff



Pamela Taunton, Clinical Supervisor and Chief Editor


  • Patient Care
  • Medical Reports
  • General Medical Correspondence
  • Medical Vendor Relations
  • Back Office Customer Service
  • Email: pam@handwristcenter.com
  • Telephone: Ext. 103


Caroline Borillo, Lead Medical Assistant


  • Patient Care
  • Medical Questions
  • Disability Forms and General Medical Correspondence
  • Prescription Refills
  • Email: caroline@handwristcenter.com
  • Telephone: Ext. 111


Kimberly Garcia, Front Office and Billing Supervisor / Medical Biller


  • Front Office and Billing Customer Service
  • Medical Billing and Account Inquiries
  • Contract Liaison
  • Email: kimberly@handwristcenter.com
  • Telephone: Ext. 124


Sylvia E. Sandoval, Front Office Lead / Medical Biller


  • Front Office Customer Service and Appointment Scheduler
  • Medical Records and Subpeona requests
  • Medical Billing Customer Service
  • Email: sylvia@handwristcenter.com
  • Telephone: Ext. 112



Tamera L. Ford, OTR/L, HTC, Occupational Hand Therapist, Therapy Supervisor


  • Patient Therapy Assessment and Care
  • Patient-Physician Liaison
  • Therapy Vendor Relations Contact
  • Therapy Customer Service
  • Email: tamera@handwristcenter.com
  • Telephone: Ext. 113


Tamara M. McCulley, OTR/L, Occupational Hand Therapist


  • Patient Therapy Assessment and Care
  • Patient-Physician Liaison
  • Therapy Customer Service
  • Email: tmcculley@handwristcenter.com
  • Telephone: Ext. 113


Kristi Hernandez, Therapy Assistant


  • Therapy Appointments and Customer Service
  • Therapy Authorizations, Benefits Verification and Correspondence
  • Therapy Clinical Assistant
  • Email: kristi@handwristcenter.com
  • Telephone: Ext. 113


Amanda Merino, ADN, BS, MBA, CRTP, Administrator


  • Business and Financial Administration
  • Accounting and Tax Planning
  • Public Relations / Patient-Physician Liaison
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Clinical Staff
  • Email: amanda@handwristcenter.com
  • Telephone: Ext. 105




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