Medical-Legal Fee Schedule

Dr. Nathan and Dr. Macer are committed to providing unbiased medical-legal opinions based upon their extensive training (see Dr. Nathan's CV and Dr. Macer's CV) – including review of relevant medical literature and evidence-based medicine, and clinical experience treating both simple and complex hand and wrist disorders. Over the years, our physicians have been involved in hundreds of medical-legal cases providing expert opinions on a variety of issues. As experts, both doctors have experience testifying about issues related to workers' compensation, malpractice, personal injury and liability. Both Dr. Nathan and Dr. Macer have been retained equally between defense and plaintiff parties. Upon request, our doctors are also available to provide neutral (neither defense or plaintiff), professional medical opinions in order to resolve medical-legal disputes.

The following medical-legal services are available:

  • Medical-Legal Report (including Review or Records / with or without patient evaluation)
  • Examination (with report, may or may not include Review of Records)
  • Teleconference (Attorney or other party)
  • In-Office Consultation (Attorney or other party)
  • Deposition
  • Court Appearance/Testimonial

Please contact our office at (562) 424-9000 or email us to discuss which services are best suited for your particular case. In order to continue the delivery of timely and quality service(s), please be advised that it is our office's Financial Policy that all invoices be paid within 30 calendar days following the completion of your request(s).

Click here for our current Medical-Legal Fee Schedule.

Financial Policy

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